Faris Ridzwan


Visual artist

Faris, is a prolific artist who resides in the southern state of Malaysia, Johor. He pursued his studies and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from UiTM. Imagining himself like a sponge, Faris draws inspiration from lived experiences and introspections. His works are embodiment of his collective experiences and how he makes sense of beauty, transformation, and enlightenment inspired by diagrammatic elements and unconscious patterns…

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The paintings

The Paintings

‘Masonry’ series is Faris’s exploration of identity, history, and the symbiotic relationship between human-made structures and the natural world. He is fascinated by the ability of bricks and stones to hold stories, memories, and cultural significance within their very essence. He seeks to capture the serene beauty of Indonesia’s landscape, inspired by the rhythmic arrangement of stepping stones found throughout the country. The stones that vary in size, color, and composition, reflects the diversity of Indonesia’s geological formations. Smooth river pebbles, worn by the passage of time, offer a gentle and comforting tread, while rough-hewn stones evoke the ruggedness of volcanic landscapes. Each stone, brings unique shape and texture, invites contemplation and connection with the environment allowing him to fully absorb the tranquility and beauty of their surroundings.


Latest Exhibitions

G13 @ 13 – 13th Anniversary

“G13 @ 13” is not just an exhibition, but a celebration of the creativity and artistic passion that has fuelled our journey over the past 13 years. The group exhibition is showcasing over 50 pieces of artwork, presenting thought-provoking, innovative, and engaging art to the public.

Fragments Of Becoming

FRAGMENTS OF BECOMING: DISCOVER THE PSYCHE THROUGH ABSTRACTIONISM, a group exhibition by 5 young contemporary abstract artists: ADLI, AZAIKMAL, FARIS RIDZWAN, FAZREEN SUKRI and PUTRA NAZRI. The 5 artists see abstractionism as a means of discovering new meanings by exploring themselves through their engagement with materials and developing their distinctive style in their artwork.


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